5 Reasons to drink mate

There are many types of tea and you may already have a favourite. Maybe it's morning black tea, maybe it's classic British black tea, maybe it's Chinese green tea, or maybe it's maté tea, which is popular even in South America. If this is your first time reading about mate tea, we encourage you to try it. If not, then just for the sake of experimentation, for your own sake, try it again. There are many things to consider before drinking any tea. And in the end, it is a personal choice. However, in this report we would like to offer you some words of encouragement so that you can try maté tea and feel its benefits for your health.

Caffeine content

Mate has the same dose of caffeine that you find in coffee, but without any of the side effects such as insomnia or yellow teeth stains. When you drink maté you get energy, strength, good mood, a dose of vitamins and minerals and most importantly, maté tea has no side effects.

 Full of antioxidants

It will make you look younger. Like all other teas, mate tea has antioxidants, maté has higher concentrations of polyphenols that fight free radicals. It is no secret, but Madonna and other well-known celebrities drink this tea and thus ignore their age. How old is she, 65?

Reducing hypertension

If you have ever had high cholesterol or heart problems, then you should definitely drink this tea. Not only does it help to eliminate these ailments, but it also reduces the risk of their occurrence.

Helps slimming

Drinking mate tea will help you lose weight. Due to its available thermogenic compounds, the metabolism is speeded up, so your body burns more fat than regular. And who doesn't want to have a firmer belly?

A stylish drink

You will look great drinking out of a traditional maté cup instead of a pumpkin. There are also tea bags for lovers. A realistic way to drink Maté is through a metal wicker straw. You can get the same benefits by drinking it in a convenient way.

And these are just five reasons to drink mate, but the list is long enough.